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Lavender farm in Săcuieni

Lavender fields are one of the attraction, not only of Provence but also of the town of Săcuieni. Every year there are crowds of local people and of tourists from Romania who visit the Lavender Farm in Săcuieni.  The season usually starts from May to October. Of course, the best time to visit is during summer and holidays. The most beautiful lavender fields can be admired in the first week of July. If the summer is warm and the weather doesn’t play any special tricks, then the lavender field in Săcueni is the number one attraction.

Churches in Săcueni

Tourism is a concept with many meanings, it can mean something completely different to everyone. The churches in Săcueni are undoubtedly tourist sites because of architecture, but also sacred significance for believers in God. In Săcueni there are many differenet -bigger or smaller-religious denominations, but only three of them have an imposing gathering place which can be interesting also as a tourist destination. These three types of the church are the roman catholic, reformed and orthodox church.

The Roman Catholic Church or Catholic Church is the Christian Church with the Bishop of Rome.

The Reformation named the Protestant Reformation or the European Reformation was a major movement within Western Christianity in 16th-century Europe. 

Nature in Bihor region

Nature is one of the main factors that attract people. In the area of the Bihor region, you will find many places connected with nature. One of them is the Cicoş Lake.

Cicoş Lake is a protected area of national importance (nature reserve, mixed type) located in the northern part of the Bihor county. Cicoş Lake is near the village of Olosig, which belongs administratively to the city of Săcuieni.

The reserve covers an area of 10 ha, in the middle of which there is a swamp complex with real floating vegetation. In the reserve, you can observe such vegetation as reeds with roots and reed rhizomes. The area surrounding the lake is rich in flora called a floristic rarity: cotton.

Christmas market in Săcueni

I attended the Christmas market in Săcueni. Social media is full of reports from various cities, showing beautiful pre-Christmas decorations. Being just in Săcueni, I decided to go for a walk and see all these wonders. There won’t be much reading today, but more watching.

Thermal bath in Sînnicolau de Munte

Sînnicolau de Munte (Hegyközszentmiklós) is a component locality of Săcueni town in Bihor country in Romania. The village is located quite close to the Hungarian border, which may also encourage foreigners to visit this place. Sînnicolau de Munte is famous for its thermal bath. Bihor region has the largest proportion of thermal baths in Romania, and they are a popular draw for tourists.

“Coming to Sacueni was really a great choice”

Jó napot everyone! My name is Tristan, I come from Douarnenez in France to find and gather
all the beauty and wealth of this wonderful region that is the Valea Ierului, and to share them with
you, the audience through many events. Hope you’ll enjoy!
I am 21 years old, and I took a break from my studies to see a little bit of the outside of my little
world, to learn new thigs, new language. I wanted to go abroad for a long time and then I
had the opportunity to work at the Er hangja association. This project is really exciting, and it
gave me the will to work as hard as I can.
Coming to Sacueni was really a great choice. You will get the impression to travel in two
different country and discover two different cultures at the same time, because Hungarian
culture is very strong in this part of Romania!

Stubenberg Castle is the most touristic place in Săcueni

The town of Săcueni attracts people with its nature, but also with its monuments, the most famous being the Stubenberg Castle, which is located in the town center.

The Stubenberg Castle is the most touristic and historical monument in Săcueni. The construction of the castle started in the late 18th century and was finalized by the beginning of the 19th century. It is properly marked with a sign with information in the center of Săcueni  on how to get to the castle, so the tourists discover the existence of this attraction. The castle was built according to the old architectural styles, adequate to the given era. The main facade has jack arched windows with a straight top and a colored top area. The castle is a single-storey building with a vaulted corridor on the side of the courtyard. Above the central corps, located on the main facade, there is an arched roof.

Street of wine cellars in Săcueni

In the town of Săcueni there is a street where winemakers have their cellars. It is an attractive place for wine lover tourists. On October 18, we had the opportunity to enter such a cellar and interview a local seller. The seller told us about the history of wine production in the town.

Explore Romania!

Hello. My name is Anna and I am a Polish volunteer. I came to Săcueni in October and I will be here for several months. Thanks to the European Solidarity Corps project, I could try to be part of Ér Hangja Association.