The town of Săcueni attracts people with its nature, but also with its monuments, the most famous being the Stubenberg Castle, which is located in the town center.

The Stubenberg Castle is the most touristic and historical monument in Săcueni. The construction of the castle started in the late 18th century and was finalized by the beginning of the 19th century. It is properly marked with a sign with information in the center of Săcueni  on how to get to the castle, so the tourists discover the existence of this attraction. The castle was built according to the old architectural styles, adequate to the given era. The main facade has jack arched windows with a straight top and a colored top area. The castle is a single-storey building with a vaulted corridor on the side of the courtyard. Above the central corps, located on the main facade, there is an arched roof.

On the right side of the main entrance, we can see what is left of the old winter garden, which is a place where one can relax in the calm environment. In front of the building, there is a wild dendrological park, where the remains of a fountain are decorated with an eagle. Near the castle, there is a beautiful church.

The history of the castle is extremely interesting. Stubenberg Castle was the property of the Habsburg royal house. Over the years, the castle was taken over by the councilor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, J. Dietrichstein. In 1830, the castle became the property of count  Gusztav Stubenberg.

Today the castle belongs to the Romanian State. It used to function as the „Petőfi Sándor” Highschool until 2008.  

Nowadays the entire castle serves as a common room for abandoned children. They have a place to stay in the castle. Local volunteer teachers help for children with lessons in the afternoons.  Children also have a playground in the castle garden, where they can spend their free time.

Undoubtedly, the castle in Săcueni is an interesting place for children, teenagers, and adults. Everyone can admire the architecture of the castle and spend time exploring the territory.

In my opinion, if the castle could be renovated, it could attract even more tourists from other parts of Romania, but also from abroad. It should be emphasized that when you visit a castle you feel as if you are moving back in time to another era, it feels like in a movie, which, in my opinion, is a wonderful experience.

Anna Bujalska