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Embrace Spanish Art

Last Saturday, October 3, our first event about Spanish culture took  place. The theme chosen this time was Spanish art, encompassing painting, architecture, sculpture and literatura.

It was really exciting to teach about great Spanish artists like Cervantes or Picasso. In addition, we prepared activities with which the kids really enjoyed. Although not many people came, we consider the event a succes. Looking forward to the next one about music and dance.

Do you throw it or do you recycle it?

Eighth graders encourage information about the selective collection of waste.

The selective collection of waste and the importance of recycling was introduced at the Petofi  Sándor Theoretical High School from Sacueni, the 8th Grade Students learned all this on January 16th, with the help of the volunteer of the  Ér Hangja Asociation.

New Year, New Youth Opportunities

The international doors are open for the young people from Ier Valley who want to experience the new.

We have already wrote a summary of the International Youth Programs from the Ér Hangja Association (in the October newspaper), and as we wrote, there is a continuation. Last year our young people were able to smell the air from Norway, Lithuania, Spain, while others were curious about the city of Sacueni through the association. The young people have just arrived home, the year 2020 was already here, the international events starting in January.

Youth exchange about Volunteering!

A new youth exchange i coming to town for the youngsters of Sacueni! The Erhangja Egyesulet is going to transmit information about VOLUNTEERING during a 7 DAY LONG program with the help of NON-FORMAL tools and of two facilitators. SAVE THE DATE: 8-14 September, 2019! For more read more! 😀

Common values, common challenges, common EUropean future

The town twinning event will be held in Săcueni, Romania, between 14-16 June 2019. It aims to bring together communities from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia in order to get familiarized with the history of the European Union, its operation and other aspects. The participants will debate during the program the actual issues which affect the EU, like refugee crisis, Brexit, Euroskepticism and Europhobia, they will commonly try to find solutions for these.

8 months EVS in Sacueni! Wanna’ come? :-)

The “Erhangja’ Association just won its EVS project entitled Volunteers for supporting European Cultural Diversity

The EVS project focuses on preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of a small community in Romania, namely Săcueni (12000 inhabitants) and, implicitly, on preserving European cultural values. We want to host 3 volunteers, aged 18-30, for a period of 8-8 months, between December 2018 and June 2019. We will receive a volunteer from Hungary, one from Spain and one from Latvia.


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International program about old crafts in Sacueni

In May the 4th Erasmus Plus international youth exchange takes place in Sacueni, organized by the Erhangja Association. And they are looking forward to have you as a participant!

The project that takes place between 7-13 May, 2018 offer opportunity to 6 participants (aged between 17-30) and a leader (18+) from each participant country, namely: Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Romania. The work language of the one week program is English. The title of the project is: Crafts of the Past, Crafts of the Future!

Successful youth exchange

„This is our Europe!” – this sentence from a social media content shared by one of the participants became the slogan of that 30  youngsters in an Erasmus+ youth exchange where the common objective was to get to know each others’ social systems and culture.

Six-six young people from Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Portugal and Romania participated in a project supported by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union. The project title was: NEETs for Children in Need. This was the third youth exchange organized by the Er hangja Association since 2015.

Albania is waiting for you! Last time this year!

The Erasmus+ project, in which the Er hangja Association from Sacueni works as the partner from Romania, arrived to it’s third, last session. Thanks to the first two programs the Association managed to send six young people to two different Albanian cities on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, to international environment, with meals and accommodation free of charge.

So now the Erhangja Association is looking for three young people, aged between 18-25 years, who would like to go to Dürres, Albania, between 22-28 April, 2017. The participants would learn about the equality of sexes, the proper promotion and communication of this kind of equality through mass media and other information channels that we use day by day.