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Europe for the citizens

Europe for the citizens: common values, common challenges and common European future

The twin towns have gathered for the event called Common values, common challenges and common European future organized by the European Union in the period of 14-16 June in Székelyhíd Romania. This event was held in parallel with the City Days, the opening was held on Friday together with the towns of Edelény HU, Gersekarát HU, Nyiradony HU, Kishegyes HU, Kamocsa SK and Pacser SB, and of course the city of Székelyhíd RO was represented as the host.

The presentations, which were held in the Saint László hall of the City Museum, praised the importance of community, active citizenship, responsible actions of the NGOs, the planning, the achievement and the active participation. Due to these topics, we have listened various presentations about the fact where we have started and where we would arrive if we lived according to the community’s belief, if we planned and became active in Europe.

Common values, common challenges, common EUropean future

The town twinning event will be held in Săcueni, Romania, between 14-16 June 2019. It aims to bring together communities from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia in order to get familiarized with the history of the European Union, its operation and other aspects. The participants will debate during the program the actual issues which affect the EU, like refugee crisis, Brexit, Euroskepticism and Europhobia, they will commonly try to find solutions for these.