^ Vissza Fel

A Day off in Oradea

Unlike other days when we do volunteer activities and work, this day was a special one, because today we went to big city called Oradea and spend a big part of it there. It was a great opportunity for the participants to rest and go out of the town in which we spent the whole week so far.
There was a bus taking us to the 1 hour ride. Thanks to one of the participant who was a local, we could explore the city without worry. First we went to the closest touristic place which was the Oradea Fortress, it was only a quick walk around it but it felt fascinating (or maybe not XD) and historic.

The P-day! Plan, play, paint!

Today project participants participated in two kinds of volunteer work: interacting with school kids and volunteering in public institutions that meant taking care of museum, helping librarians to hand out flyers, and painting public walls.

A colourful day

After breakfast we had a few minutes to gain some power to be able to paint basically the whole town. After a few minutes of briefing, we started our journey to the places in Sacueni that had to be renovated. We formed three groups and we painted a bridge, some benches and some fences.

That’s Tuesday!

Fun fact – the morning started with a massage for everyone. At first we discovered what this project participants think about volunteering. By using platform www.menti.com they  wrote few words who associate with volunteering such as caring, happiness, humanity and adventures.

Day 2: Murderous Volunteers

What a die! Apart from everyone playing ’’The Murder game’’, trying to ’’kill’’ each other with random objects, we also spoke about the volunteering in our countries. Every country presented their own situation, discussing what is in motion and what the problems with volunteering in each country are.

Day 1: The Beginning of a Great Adventure

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade; our team got the marvelous opportunity to be the ones to introduce the article of the first day, so we are gonna put on our big kid pants and make a fun one (hopefully). Even though we got to meet each other the night before, the officialities and the burden of the name-games fell on the shoulders of Sunday’s activities and as such, a bunch of foreign kids were mashed together into an Erasmus+ project to befriend each other.

International Youth Program this September!

The Erhangja Association is organizing a youth exchange in the town of Săcueni – this time working to raise awareness on volunteering.  The one week program entitled “Volunteering for Today, volunteering for tomorrow” will be organized in September 2019 in Săcueni, with the participation of 30 young people from Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Romania and Hungary.

It will aim to know the volunteering habits of young people in the participating countries, the situation of volunteering in the EU, the problems it faces (not sufficiently recognized). Young people will also reflect on how countries, local administrative-territorial units and the EU should support this kind of activity. Participants will become familiar with the benefits of volunteering on their personal, social, and even professional life. In the youth exchange, we want to include young people facing social and economic barriers that will realize that this activity can serve as a working experience that can help them get a job easier.