The Ér Hangja association’s “Érmelléki néptáncalbum” (Ier Valley Folk Dance Album) named project has started!

We are searching and showing those folk dance groups, which were founded at Ier Valley  and also continue their activity here. Introducing the groups by making a video for each, and also a photo album.

The objective of this project is to show, capture and pass this kind of culture. The albums will help the Ier Valley folk dance culture remain in digital and also in printed form. The making of about 10 videos and the color photo album, which will include a textual and rich pictorial presentation, is already in progress.

Every finished material will be digitally available on the ‘’Ér Hangja’’ association’s Youtube channel, website, social media pages, and also in palpable form too, to catch as many people’s attention as possible on the folk culture and the importance of traditions, and to pass these traditions to the next generations.