In the town of Săcueni there is a street where winemakers have their cellars. It is an attractive place for wine lover tourists. On October 18, we had the opportunity to enter such a cellar and interview a local seller. The seller told us about the history of wine production in the town.

The winemaker with whom we were able to talk started working in winery at the age of  twenty. He attended a special school in the capital to obtain the relevant qualifications. He’s been professionally producing wines for 3 years.

The basement where our interlocutor works were built in 1790. Everything inside is in original form, only the floor was renovated, spread with bricks. Moreover, the history of wine production is related to Stubenberg Castle, because two of the cellars were built at the same time as the castle. The wine cellar is where the wineproduction begins.

Last but not least, we got the information that in Diosig, 14 kms from Săcueni, there is a wine festival during the summer, where people can try local wines, talk with local sellers and celebrate the coming harvest season together.

We should ask ourselves, why is Săcueni is interesting for tourists? It is one of the most touristic places in Bihor county, beacuse vineyards can be attributed not only to wine lovers, but also to everyone who like to spend time together in the stunning surroundings.

Anna Bujalska