An exhibition took place on 17 October in Ciocaia’s Reformed church, where a lot of local people and many important guests participated. Ciocaia is located near Săcueni, in Bihor County. At this event, the local authority promised to renovate the buildings involved.

The exhibition was about old mansions from the village which are an important part of its history. We could see the mansions how they were in their complete shine and how they look these days. Furthermore, the mayor and the Reformed priest were talking about what they are planning to do with these houses and buildings. The authorities intend to buy one of the mansions, renovate it and create an elderly care center. These activities could make old buildings more attractive not only to local residents but also to tourists.

The historical aspect may also encourage visitors to see the region. The first mansion is the house of Fényes Elek, Hungarian economic and geography statistics writer, which is located in the center of the village. Only the arch remained of the building, which has a special vault with six holes. In front of the building, there is a memory park with a bronze bust of Fényes Elek, which was renovated in September 2003, made by Mihály Gábor, a sculptor from Budapest.

In the village, at the Fényes-monument, events are organized, including village festival and concerts. Events can be extremely interesting for local residents, but also for tourists visiting the Bihor region. Participation in a village festival allows you to get to know the culture and traditions of the region better, as well as to connect with the local people.

The second mansion is the Farkas mansion which was built at the end of 19 century, after the Second World War. The building was used as a kindergarten and after that it remained empty. The original owner got it back and he is trying to renovate it.

The third mansion was the property of the Südi family, that is still standing and was built in 1936. Until 1949, the building was in the original family’s property before they moved to Maramureș. The property was managed by the Town Hall after that. On the property of the mansion there was a local thermal bath.

Ciocaia has tourist attractions, its history and monuments may be of interest to tourists visiting Bihor region. What is more, the local authority wants to invest money in Ciocaia to make it more attractive. In my opinion, the old buildings have their individual souls and are well worth a visit.

The village is worth visiting because of its interesting historical sites, participation in events promoting local culture, and the opportunity to get to know the inhabitants and their customs.

Anna Bujalska