Lavender fields are one of the attraction, not only of Provence but also of the town of Săcuieni. Every year there are crowds of local people and of tourists from Romania who visit the Lavender Farm in Săcuieni.  The season usually starts from May to October. Of course, the best time to visit is during summer and holidays. The most beautiful lavender fields can be admired in the first week of July. If the summer is warm and the weather doesn’t play any special tricks, then the lavender field in Săcueni is the number one attraction.

Csorján Barna and his wife Csorján Mónika dreamt up together the lavender farm and brought physical form to their dream in Spring 2017 when they planted 2700 lavenders on an area of 1700 m2. They decided to plant, grow, and harvest lavender in their own garden, but not only for themselves: they wanted to creat a public space for everyone who visits their beautiful, reassuring lavender field.

You can do all kinds of things with nature. There is a large space worth visiting, the inspiring beauty of the landscape, as well as a concept of time that is slightly different than in the city. The lavender field helps to slow down both physically and mentally.

Starting a lavender plantation seems extremely simple but I think it is not true.  Some people say that it is enough to go to the garden shop for seeds, plow the fields, read this and that about lavender, experiment. The next steps are a consequence of this idea and could be more complicated, but the final effect is incredible. To grow beautiful plants, you need to involve not only your work but also your heart.

The beautiful lavender landscape can become a resting place. Guests will savor its scent appreciatively nodding their heads.  It may happen that the garden will be full of unusual forms and artistic installations, perfectly harmonizing with each other and interestingly integrated into the surrounding landscape. Many people will then want to visit this extraordinary place to be inspired by this unusual ,,art galery” somewhere at the end of the world.

Tourists visiting this place have the opportunity to commune with beauty, esthetic, peace. If you really feel exhausted, it is here that you will find what you need. When you visit a house among purple lavender fields, with a flower drying room, where you have the opportunity to admire this beauty on the porch, you will be amazed that it all really happened.

Fortunately, the fields are so spacious that everyone will return from this trip with the desired photo. The Live Lavender Fields are such a fun attraction, it’s worth visiting and getting carried away by the madness of photographing and admiring during a romantic sunset.

Anna Bujalska