Green minutes- educational short film project has got to an end. The short film was released on the Ér hangja association’s online TV channel, on their social media pages and also on Youtube.

In the first place our co-workers and volunteers made researches to know better the laws of the selective waste collection in our country, then the local government and experts from the public cleaning company were also asked so the short film will represent official and correct information.

To get all these information the AVE and the EcoBihor companies contributed too.

This 6:50 minute length short movie was made for the local community of Sacueni. Local volunteers helped at the shooting of the short film.

The objectives of making this short film was to draw attention, raise awareness and to make people understand why selective waste collection is important, the represented things in the video helps the community, to do the right thing when it’s about their waste.

Making this movie answered a lot of questions about this topic. The local people got real knowledge by this short film, for example, how much it affects our environment the selective waste collection. It helped to encourage the viewers to adjust their attitudes about this subject.

According to the expected effect of this short film, the citizens of Sacueni and anybody else who seen this short film will be more patient in the future about waste collection. While the way of people thinking is changing, our city will become more organized and clean.