I attended the Christmas market in Săcueni. Social media is full of reports from various cities, showing beautiful pre-Christmas decorations. Being just in Săcueni, I decided to go for a walk and see all these wonders. There won’t be much reading today, but more watching.

The Christmas market in Săcueni started at 17 and ended on 19 December in 2021. This was a really interesting event, where friends, families, couples, foreign volunteers, and basically everyone could go. Being in the market could buy a lot of things from the local sellers: food, drinks, Christmas trees, jewelry, honey and dairy products as well. Christmas market was the event with people from the nearest villages, cities and also foreign people. During the market, you could feel the magic of the upcoming holidays.

In the center of the park, there was a nativity scene with statues of saints and live animals. Right next to the decorated nativity scene, there was a light tunnel that beautifully decorated the trees. It was really impressive. I started my walk right here. Additionally, the park in the city center was decorated with sliding Christmas light decorations. Around the park, there was a statue of decorated Christmas trees. The inhabitants of Săcueni walked with their children illuminated by garlands of lamps.

After that, I was near the local theater in Săcueni. All kinds of Traditional Christmas stalls were set up there. In conjunction with music, the stands conveyed a Christmas atmosphere. Really beautiful, unique decorations were a great addition to the whole scene.

People bought traditional dishes, mulled wine, and handmade Christmas products. Stands with hand-made cushions, jewelry and crafts deserved attention. There were also traditional cookies called gingerbread.

In the evenings, there were a lot of people at the market – it was a good place for a walk with the whole family.

Among these lights, sweets, Santa Clauses, music, and shopping, could you find time to reflect on whose birthday it is? Are you sure Santa is the main character of these holidays? It is God who is born! It is worth thinking about it. But of course, I also highly recommend visiting this secular fair next year! Christmas Market in Săcueni was definitely worth visiting.

Anna Bujalska