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Ér Hangja welcomes sister communities

Gaining experience and knowledge through information exchange

A town twinning was organized in Székelyhíd between 26-29 August. The event, entitled “Building a more cohesive EU through agricultural information exchange”, was attended by representatives from Edelény, Héhalom, Mucsony (Hungary), Kamocsa and Kürt (Slovakia) and of course the host city of Székelyhíd.

The event was organized for the third time by Ér Hangja Association in cooperation with the Mayor’s Office of Székelyhíd and also with the support of the Europe for Citizens program.

The four-day program of the twinning meeting included a series of presentations, round table discussions and demonstrations to introduce the participating delegations and the interested public to the problems, issues and challenges affecting current and future agricultural policy and other economic factors in the European Union.

A number of other activities made the event even more attractive and interesting for the participants, including a small-scale producers’ exhibition, a cooking competition, a folk dance and folk music show.

Ér Hangja welcomes sister communities

Exchanging experiences on the EU at the meeting

A sister community meeting will be organized in Székelyhíd between August 26-29. The event, entitled Building a more cohesive EU through agricultural information exchange will bring together delegations from Edelény, Héhalom, Múcsony (Hungary), Kamocsa and Kürt (Slovakia).

One of the aims of the four-day meeting is to bring together the sister communities from the three countries. Together, the delegations will learn about the functioning of agriculture and the trade that underpins it across the European Union. They also exchange experiences on the kind of national or regional regulations, laws and features that will help these communities to develop and survive in the future, in the context of a healthy competitive environment in the European Union.