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Embrace Spanish Christmas!

Almudena and Maria presented their new online series to spread some knowledge on the most important elements of a Spanish Christmas! The online event took the online place between 14-18 December, 2020, on the Erhangja International facebook page, with short videos and descriptions! If you read further, you’ll find who are Tió or the Reyes Magos!

Embrace Spanish Food!

Our Spanish volunteers invited the great public to an online series where anyone could learn how the most well-known and delicious Spanish meals are done! If you missed the online event between 22-27 NOvember, 2020, here you find everything you need to know! If you read further, you’ll find the recipes and How it’s made? videos as well!

Embrace Spanish Art!

Last Saturday, October 3, our first event about Spanish culture took  place. The theme chosen this time was Spanish art, encompassing painting, architecture, sculpture and literatura.

It was really exciting to teach about great Spanish artists like Cervantes or Picasso. In addition, we prepared activities with which the kids really enjoyed. Although not many people came, we consider the event a succes. Looking forward to the next one about music and dance.

Volunteering is also a very important part of my life.

Hello! My name is Almudena and I am 26 years old. I am from Madrid, Spain, but now I´m living here in Sacueni because I´m going to work at Erhangja for four months, thanks to the European Solidarity Corps.

I have studied History and Journalism in Madrid, and I have been working as a History teacher until last March, although I have studied Journalism, this is my first time as a real journalist and this is really exciting.

I love music, reading, travelling and living new experiences. Volunteering is also a very important part of my life. I have had some volunteering experiences  in Spain and three years ago I went to Argentina as a volunteer to work with kids and Young people, what a wonderful experience!

To do a volunteering experience in Europe was something that was on my bucket list, so now, thanks to the European Solidarity corps, I can live my dream. I am sure this experience will bring me a lot of happiness and I hope to grow up as human being.

Talking about passions, my life revolves around sports.

Hello hello, Maria Vives Requena here! I am so glad to be introducing myself to you. I cannot wait to become a Sacuenian for the next four months. The world can be an overwhelming place, I was born in Barcelona 23 years ago and I’ve had the chance to travel to many places. You’ll see over the next few weeks that travelling and exploring cultures is a great passion of mine. Talking about passions, my life revolves around sports. It has given me so much and has based the values I stand for: responsability, team-work, patience, discipline, hard work, cooperation, freedom and solidarity among others. I hope I get to share all my experiences with you. Let’s get to work!

A new volunteer arrived at the Ér Hangja Association

Volunteers from many countries have already come to us, thanks to the Ér Hangja Association and other organizations. Slowly, it becomes common in our city to hear foreign words as you walk down the street.

For our latest call, we now have a Hungarian girl who will be the event organizer for the next nine months.

Viktória Vigh is a 19-year-old freshman graduate from high school from Hajdúbagos, Hungary. Viki is preparing to become a dentist and after completing high school she wanted to spend a year preparing for her studies and volunteering. An almost immediate response to her plans was a phone call from her former dance teacher, who told her about the opportunity at the Ér Hangja Association. She didn’t hesitate a lot, she immediately came forward and, in the absence of rivals, she became the sure winner.

Knowledge of Turkish culture with fine dances and snacks

Knowledge of Turkish culture with fine dances and snacks The participants were introduced todancing culture and Turkish gastronomy at the first event of the Turkish Volunteer from the Ér Hangja Association on February 15th.

As we wrote in our last issue of our newspaper, Hassan Cimen from Kusadasi came through a program of the European Solidarity Committee sponsored by the European Union, spending a total of nine months in the city, during which time he will organize several cultural events for the residents.

A Turkish volunteer came to us

A Turkish volunteer came to us Another volunteer from Turkey joined the large family of the Ér Hangja Association. Hassan Cimen came to our city in early January, celebrating 23 years of age with his new friends at his new home in Sacueni. Hassan came from Kusadasi, a tourist paradise, from where the rest of his family lives, who are working in the hospitality industry. His parents work as cooks and he was introduced to the world of work from an early age.

At the age of twelve, he already worked as a waiter’s assistant after graduating high school and was employed full time. He applied for a diploma in programming, where unfortunately he was not admitted, but he did not give up on his dreams and would try again for admission, because programming and computer work is his hobby and his life. The concept of volunteering is not foreign to him, because, even in Turkey, he was part of a volunteer program, but his work at the Ér Hangja Association is something new, because it seems like a more interesting adventure, being far from home and family in a new community and a new country.