Nature is one of the main factors that attract people. In the area of the Bihor region, you will find many places connected with nature. One of them is the Cicoş Lake.

Cicoş Lake is a protected area of national importance (nature reserve, mixed type) located in the northern part of the Bihor county. Cicoş Lake is near the village of Olosig, which belongs administratively to the city of Săcuieni.

The reserve covers an area of 10 ha, in the middle of which there is a swamp complex with real floating vegetation. In the reserve, you can observe such vegetation as reeds with roots and reed rhizomes. The area surrounding the lake is rich in flora called a floristic rarity: cotton.

Moreover, the attention is focused on mountain carnation, mugwort, iris, and bitter clover.

The reserve is not only beautiful flora but also fauna with mammals: deer, Carpathian deer, hare, fox, marten, wildcat.

Lovers of protected birds will also find something interesting. The reserve is inhabited by birds protected by international conventions: white stork, blue gull, hawk, little heron, red starling, gray starling.

Cicoş Lake is one of the top tourist attractions in Ier Valley, a destination you should not miss if you are nearby.  

Another unusual place is the Érolaszi Lake. Near the Cicoş Lake is a beautiful lake named Érolaszi Lake. Many of us choose the lake, it is a trend that favors blissful rest and recreation, in the full sense of the word. And when it comes to the possibilities of the lake, there are really many of them, so everyone will be able to find something for themselves that will meet their expectations. Lake has a rich organic life, they are a source of food. This is the reason why can attract not only nature lovers, but also fishermen.

This place is really attractive for other types of people, for example, couples and families with children. Romantic walks on the shores of the lake are a real pleasure. Children can play games, or run near the lake.

A trip to the Érolaszi Lake, spending time in a charming corner is an experience that each of us should live.

Everyone who wants to take a break from their daily run should visit this nature place. Nature is a place that allows you to relax, feast your eyes on beautiful landscapes, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, especially for people living and working in a big city like for example the nearest Oradea.

An important event related to the lake is International Labor Day. This event takes place on the first of May. The main activities during this holiday are fishing and grilling. People with tents gather by the lake, spending several nights there celebrating. This time is especially unusual for fishing enthusiasts because they can spend a nice time with their hobbies.

It is worth mentioning that from time to time there is an antique market by the lake. The antique market is organized during summertime. This event helps people can spend time not only relaxing by the lake but also seeing and buying beautiful antiquities that have their own soul. You won’t find such miracles in stores.

The lake is a very cool place for people interested in photography because the pictures are amazing in the reserve areas. I especially recommend visiting this place in the summer season, although the winter landscape is equally beautiful and delightful.

Anna Bujalska