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Old trends in an innovative world

Earlier last year, Ér Hangja Médiacsoport managed to win its first ESC project titled Volunteers for supporting European Cultural Diversity. This amateur hosting organization has been for nearly 10 years the eyes, ears and mouth of Săcueni, which is a small town located in Romania and close to the Hungarian border. Thus, making use of their powerful media influence their aim with this ESC project is to focus on preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the region as well as incorporating European values.

A flick through time with Nagy Mária

 1940s to 2000s 

“I prayed to God every night so that he allowed my family and I to come back to Săcueni” said Marika Néni as she recounted how her life unfolded under the Socialist Republic of Romania. It was 1964 when this family of four decided to move out of Săcueni and into a coal mining territory, in an attempt to alleviate the precarious living conditions which most people around the country were experiencing. Having returned to their place of origin after a decade, our protagonist noticed that the deterioration of Romania’s political and socio-economic landscape had escalated. 

Where the past meets the future

How much do you really know about your culture, its values and traditions? And, what about the history of the place where you were raised? It is astonishing to note how an increasing percentage of young and middle age people tend to disregard the answers to these seemingly uncomplicated questions. This occurs as a result of cultural heritage preservation being overlooked and neglected by most communities around the world, despite the enormous advantages it can offer both at a socio-cultural and economic level. In an attempt to overcome this issue and encourage more people to become involved in the matter, the EU declared 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Given the timelessness and relevance of the topic, it would be stimulating to bring Săcueni locals closer to this initiative while assessing the importance of their participation, and revealing in what ways could the locality obtain benefits from it.

8 months EVS in Sacueni! Wanna’ come? :-)

The “Erhangja’ Association just won its EVS project entitled Volunteers for supporting European Cultural Diversity

The EVS project focuses on preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of a small community in Romania, namely Săcueni (12000 inhabitants) and, implicitly, on preserving European cultural values. We want to host 3 volunteers, aged 18-30, for a period of 8-8 months, between December 2018 and June 2019. We will receive a volunteer from Hungary, one from Spain and one from Latvia.


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