Two young volunteers of Er Hangja Association, went on Thursday, 24th of October to high school students. They presented the project named “I say no to corruption” at Petofi Sandor High School in Sacueni. The objective of this presentation and project was to gather people for the anti-corruption campaign of the association.

In that hour when they hold the presentation they explained the term of the corruption and it’s categories. They gave many examples about the topic so that the students understand for sure the term they talked about. After the formal presentation an interactive game began. The volunteers read different situations, and the scholars had to tell if the story was a corrupt one or not.

As a final the pupils filled out a form to see if they are good citizens of the society. They had also the opportunity to take a picture with an instagram frame, made by the organization.

The initiators of the campaign considered that it is very important that the youth of today are enlightened about such harmful phenomenon like corruption, so that they can recognize it and fight against it.

The project was funded by the Direction of Project Development and Implementation (DDIP) of Bihor county.