Sînnicolau de Munte (Hegyközszentmiklós) is a component locality of Săcueni town in Bihor country in Romania. The village is located quite close to the Hungarian border, which may also encourage foreigners to visit this place. Sînnicolau de Munte is famous for its thermal bath. Bihor region has the largest proportion of thermal baths in Romania, and they are a popular draw for tourists.

In 2021, the thermal bath celebrated its 50th anniversary since its opening, which is the most important attraction in Sînnicolau. Since that time the thermal bath was renovated, also, it got extended with several rooms for hosting guests.

The owner improved the pool facilities, then built wooden shelters on top of it, creating more space to accommodate more people. This place offers visitors a swimming pool, huge garden – perfect for camping, seasonal canteen. As a camper, you can look for farmers who give their fresh products like meat, milk, cheese, wine, which could be tasty for any meal made by the fire. Food prepared with traditional products has tasted like a grandmother’s kitchen. If you don’t camp, but you are a guest of the pansion it is really recommended to taste the food in the restaurant of Sînnicolau de Munte.

If you go to a thermal bath, you have a number of choices available to you. Thermal baths help you not only to take care of your body, but the soul too. You can relax in the warm pool and soak in the salubrious water, full of minerals. The quality of the water at each bath is said to benefit a specific set of health. Mineral waters have a rather effective therapeutic effect on people suffering from various disorders of the nervous system and exposed to chronic stress.

The benefits of local thermal waters are invaluable for people with diseases of the skin and muscular system. Taking mineral water from the source for drink improves the condition of people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Bath in thermal water allows you to reduce weight, cleanse the body of toxins, help in the treatment of pathologies of the joints, have a good tonic, restorative and cosmetic effect. The treatment gives the best effects from one to three weeks of the bath therapy.

This village is an extremely inviting place due to the thermal bath, but also a forest, where you can connect with nature during walks. A forest is a relaxing place. Tourists can break away from the daily rush, surrounded by plants and animals.

Another attraction is the local plantations, where wine sellers are growing grapes and producing wine. Local restaurant offers perfect wine from the wine cellers of the region. Moreover, wine producers prepare an introduction to their cellars and plantations to visitors and tell about their profession. There are wine tasting event, especially for tourists, where visitors are able to taste local wine and the traditional alcoholic drink called Pálinka.

Sînnicolau de Munte is a great example that even a small village can be a tourist attraction. In summer there are a lot of people in thermal bath, because of the season and sunny weather, but of course, tourists have the opportunity to visit the bath at any time, since it is coveredduring the cold seasons.

Anna Bujalska