On the first weekend of September, a media training was organized by the staff of the Er Hangja Asociacion in the museum of Sacueni. The participating young people came from Sacueni and from other settlements in Bihor county, more precisely from Saniob, Adoni, Buduslau, Viisoara, Curtuiseni, Misca, Tamaseu, Diosig, Tauteu.

 The nearly twenty participants learned about different media categories during the two-day intensive program. The warm-up included lectures on journalism and press and related practices.

The young people learned the difference between news and reporting, interviews and reports, and then with a common brainstorming they could apply the affected themes with the basic knowledge they accumulated. The first day ended with dinner and swimming. The next morning, after the wake-up energizer, the youths grouped into two groups, taking turns in the news editing and practical aspects of television news production, and in the afternoon they discovered the radio.

The colorful, cozy studio eased the excitement, and by the end of the session, the technical tools and expressions didn’t seem so foreign.

Many glittering eyes looked back at the organizers in this short time, prompting the organizers to stay in touch with the young people, for a long time period and to organize the next meeting. The media training  was supported by the Communitas Foundation and the Hungarian Democratic Association of Romania.