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Youth Exchange in Spain!

The Erhangja Association is looking for six young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to send them to an Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange in Spain to learn more about video games and their positive effects. The date is 22–29. August, 2021. – with travel days to Spain, Moraira.

Travel costs, accommodation and meals are provided. There is no application fee, application deadline: July 10. Organizing Association: Amics from Valencia. Partner countries: Greece, Portugal, Spain. You can apply to the email address erhangja1@gmail.com by sending a cover letter.

Embrace Spanish Christmas!

Almudena and Maria presented their new online series to spread some knowledge on the most important elements of a Spanish Christmas! The online event took the online place between 14-18 December, 2020, on the Erhangja International facebook page, with short videos and descriptions! If you read further, you’ll find who are Tió or the Reyes Magos!

Embrace Spanish Food!

Our Spanish volunteers invited the great public to an online series where anyone could learn how the most well-known and delicious Spanish meals are done! If you missed the online event between 22-27 NOvember, 2020, here you find everything you need to know! If you read further, you’ll find the recipes and How it’s made? videos as well!

Embrace Spanish Dances!

Our Spanish volunteers, Almudena and Maria were excited to present their second cultural event called: “Move your body: Embracing Spanish Dancing” that took place on 24th October. They invited everyone saying: “come and let the music flow through your veins.” They had a wonderful time in which they let their bodies feel and move to the beat of Sardanes, Chotis and Sevillanas! Let’s keep that energy going and waltz into a new week full of joy and happiness!

Embrace Spanish Art!

Last Saturday, October 3, our first event about Spanish culture took  place. The theme chosen this time was Spanish art, encompassing painting, architecture, sculpture and literatura.

It was really exciting to teach about great Spanish artists like Cervantes or Picasso. In addition, we prepared activities with which the kids really enjoyed. Although not many people came, we consider the event a succes. Looking forward to the next one about music and dance.

Do you throw it or do you recycle it?

Eighth graders encourage information about the selective collection of waste.

The selective collection of waste and the importance of recycling was introduced at the Petofi  Sándor Theoretical High School from Sacueni, the 8th Grade Students learned all this on January 16th, with the help of the volunteer of the  Ér Hangja Asociation.

New Year, New Youth Opportunities

The international doors are open for the young people from Ier Valley who want to experience the new.

We have already wrote a summary of the International Youth Programs from the Ér Hangja Association (in the October newspaper), and as we wrote, there is a continuation. Last year our young people were able to smell the air from Norway, Lithuania, Spain, while others were curious about the city of Sacueni through the association. The young people have just arrived home, the year 2020 was already here, the international events starting in January.

Youth exchange about Volunteering!

A new youth exchange i coming to town for the youngsters of Sacueni! The Erhangja Egyesulet is going to transmit information about VOLUNTEERING during a 7 DAY LONG program with the help of NON-FORMAL tools and of two facilitators. SAVE THE DATE: 8-14 September, 2019! For more read more! 😀

Common values, common challenges, common EUropean future

The town twinning event will be held in Săcueni, Romania, between 14-16 June 2019. It aims to bring together communities from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia in order to get familiarized with the history of the European Union, its operation and other aspects. The participants will debate during the program the actual issues which affect the EU, like refugee crisis, Brexit, Euroskepticism and Europhobia, they will commonly try to find solutions for these.