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Our team played their podcasts in Latvia!

The six-person team presented their podcast in September 15-18 in Latvia representing Romania on an Erasmus+ program! “Youth with a voice” was an Erasmus+ international youth initiative project with the aim to provide youth with the knowledge, time and resources to help to express their voice to the world and use it to create diverse podcast episodes. In this project more than 18 youngsters participated from Latvia, Romania and North-Macedonia, aged between 16 and 30, with and without experience in podcasting or international projects.

“I lived” – youth exchange in Latvia

Ér Hangja Association is looking for six young people between the age of 18-25 for the Erasmus+ youth exchange program “I Lived!”, happening in Latvia between 27 September – 06 October! The goal of the project is to make young people aware not only of their activities in the digital world, but also of how it affects them and everyone around them, both negatively and positively.

Campaigning for human rights in Portugal

A team of five person learned more about fundamental human rights representing Romania in an Erasmus+ youth exchange program that took place on March 20-29, in Coimbra, Portugal.

During the program, young people not simply listed human rights for each other, but also gained insight into what advocacy is, what are the mechanisms for protecting human rights in international law, what is climate justice, or how governance override human rights in a pandemic or war. As part of the program, a total of thirty participants organized awareness-raising campaigns and a human rights festival in Coimbra’s main square.

Exchanging good practices for a better inclusion!

The Erhangja Association had just risen from the return of young people volunteering in the Solidarity Corps program, and another event had already taken place, which was hosted by the Er Hangja Studio, and this time the participants were adults. Representatives of three countries took part in an international meeting in Sacueni in the framework of an Erasmus+ strategic partnership.

Focused on fake news in Denmark

“True or false? Can you tell the difference? ” – this was the title of the Erasmus + youth exchange program that took place in Denmark in mid-November. The Voice of the Ore Association sent five young people from Romania to the village of Pindstrup to learn new facts about the pseudo-news together with other young people from Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Spain and Portugal.

Video games certainly have positive effects!

Overcome bad prejudices against video games and the people who play them; raise awareness of the skills and abilities that can be improved by video gaming; discover how they can work as educational tools for video games to create an inclusive, inclusive community? Among other things, these were the main goals of the exchange program that took place in August in the wonderful Moraira, Spain, and…

Christmas market in Săcueni

I attended the Christmas market in Săcueni. Social media is full of reports from various cities, showing beautiful pre-Christmas decorations. Being just in Săcueni, I decided to go for a walk and see all these wonders. There won’t be much reading today, but more watching.

Thermal bath in Sînnicolau de Munte

Sînnicolau de Munte (Hegyközszentmiklós) is a component locality of Săcueni town in Bihor country in Romania. The village is located quite close to the Hungarian border, which may also encourage foreigners to visit this place. Sînnicolau de Munte is famous for its thermal bath. Bihor region has the largest proportion of thermal baths in Romania, and they are a popular draw for tourists.

“Coming to Sacueni was really a great choice”

Jó napot everyone! My name is Tristan, I come from Douarnenez in France to find and gather
all the beauty and wealth of this wonderful region that is the Valea Ierului, and to share them with
you, the audience through many events. Hope you’ll enjoy!
I am 21 years old, and I took a break from my studies to see a little bit of the outside of my little
world, to learn new thigs, new language. I wanted to go abroad for a long time and then I
had the opportunity to work at the Er hangja association. This project is really exciting, and it
gave me the will to work as hard as I can.
Coming to Sacueni was really a great choice. You will get the impression to travel in two
different country and discover two different cultures at the same time, because Hungarian
culture is very strong in this part of Romania!