The Erhangja Association had just risen from the return of young people volunteering in the Solidarity Corps program, and another event had already taken place, which was hosted by the Er Hangja Studio, and this time the participants were adults. Representatives of three countries took part in an international meeting in Sacueni in the framework of an Erasmus+ strategic partnership.

The sending organizations of the Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish participants will work together in a strategic partnership to share and test experiences with partner countries in working with disadvantaged groups. The representative of the co-operation in Romania is the Er Hangja Association, which is also involved in the topic, as since March 2021 it has been organizing various informational and anti-discrimination events for communities living in the administrative area of ​​Sacueni, at risk of social exclusion. In this strategic partnership the role of the Er Hangja Association is to promote the results achieved in the project, their benefits and necessity through various media activities. Thus, during the meeting the main part of the program consisted of studio work, as the participants made a video clip and podcasts in their native language with the professional help of the hosting NGO.

The main aim of the project is to help disadvantaged groups, but mainly those associations from other countries which have been associated with this experience: the Turkish organization supports immigrants and women catching up; the Portuguese partner NGO is working against the exclusion of the elderly from social life in order to ensure an active aging; and the coordinator organization from Spain (Canary Islands) helps with the training and placement of unemployed locals and immigrants.

The exchange of experience does not take place without a trace. The methodological descriptions “exchanged” between the partners will be included in a handbook, which will be the final product of the cooperation, and in which the conclusions of the application of the methods in different cultural contexts will be emphasized. Furthermore, the project did not end with the meeting in Sacueni, the partners will continue their work in Turkey in the summer and then in Portugal in the autumn.