A team of five person learned more about fundamental human rights representing Romania in an Erasmus+ youth exchange program that took place on March 20-29, in Coimbra, Portugal.

During the program, young people not simply listed human rights for each other, but also gained insight into what advocacy is, what are the mechanisms for protecting human rights in international law, what is climate justice, or how governance override human rights in a pandemic or war. As part of the program, a total of thirty participants organized awareness-raising campaigns and a human rights festival in Coimbra’s main square.

One of the participants in the program, Nóra Bangyán from Sepsiszentgyörgy, described her experiences as follows: “I was very happy and full of adventure when I was notified on a rainy day in March that I would have the opportunity to travel to Portugal, a country I did not know about Erasmus +. I’m not lying when I say one of the best things about these programs is that we can travel, explore places, and have plenty of new experiences. In general, this aspect of Erasmus + programs is always guaranteed, but that is not all! After all, during this couple of days of intensive program, I managed to meet countless wonderful people from five or six different countries, and even make new friends from the Canary Islands all the way to the Greek city of Thessaloniki. These people have awakened a lot of new thoughts in me, bringing me closer to getting to know myself better. Although the weather was not the best, the dynamism and cheerfulness of the applicants from different cultural backgrounds made the program colorful and eventful for me. Throughout every program, I realize that this world isn’t that huge and there are plenty of opportunities open up for me. For me, participating in Erasmus + programs is not just a two-week eventful journey, but an inner discovery and countless new friendships. ”