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Nature in Bihor region

Nature is one of the main factors that attract people. In the area of the Bihor region, you will find many places connected with nature. One of them is the Cicoş Lake.

Cicoş Lake is a protected area of national importance (nature reserve, mixed type) located in the northern part of the Bihor county. Cicoş Lake is near the village of Olosig, which belongs administratively to the city of Săcuieni.

The reserve covers an area of 10 ha, in the middle of which there is a swamp complex with real floating vegetation. In the reserve, you can observe such vegetation as reeds with roots and reed rhizomes. The area surrounding the lake is rich in flora called a floristic rarity: cotton.

“You truly feel welcomed”

Hi! My name is Mariana and I’m 23 years old, a recent graduate from University of Porto in Educational Sciences by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. I was born in Coimbra but spent the last years studying in Porto, Portugal.

The opportunity to volunteer in Sacueni with Erhangja Association came at the best possible moment in my life. The project with media tools for the city development is something I’m really interested in and I’m hoping to understand the logistics of running an association like Erhangja and what that entails.

So far Sacueni has been a lovely experience, the people are extremely kind and you truly feel welcomed even if there is a language barrier.

I’ve always been fascinated with eastern Europe and the Balkan region so this is like a dream come true, to work and learn everyday in this beautiful place.

“People are pretty similar everywhere”

Sziasztok! It’s Pepe Guerrero, nice to meet you, reader! I’m coming from Sevilla, Spain, and just arrived to Săcueni on the beginning of August. I’ll stay here for 4 months promoting the amazing tourist attractions of this hidden gem in Western Romania!

I’m 23 years old and I just graduated in tourism at Sevilla University, but I wanted to learn more in a different field. That’s why I’m here, to learn more and more about video creation and edition. Also, after a long period of no travelling, it was the perfect opportunity to move and discover a unique destination that I never thought I would visit before.

Travelling and living in different countries is helping me to understand that people are pretty similar everywhere, even coming from such distant places in the world. We should focus more on what we have in common rather than in what makes us different!

“To learn as much I can”

Hello everyone. My name is Javier Teruel Mirón, I am 27 years old and I am so happy to be here in Sacueni. I am from Spain and I’m going to work at Erhangja for four months with a European Solidarity Corps project and I will do a Special Podcast Series talking about Sacueni, Bihor County and Valea Ierului area.

I have studied Journalism and I love radio, so I am super happy to be here doing the most what I love. I love meeting people, knowing new countries and cultures and travelling as well and I think that a journalist these experiences make me grow as a person, they allow me to open my mind and get to know new perspectives that as a journalist and as a person are very enriching.

As a volunteer I would like to learn as much I can and I would like to contribute to the promotion of tourism in this spectacular area. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I am enjoying it and that you like it. Nice to meet you and see you!!

Ér Hangja welcomes sister communities

Gaining experience and knowledge through information exchange

A town twinning was organized in Székelyhíd between 26-29 August. The event, entitled “Building a more cohesive EU through agricultural information exchange”, was attended by representatives from Edelény, Héhalom, Mucsony (Hungary), Kamocsa and Kürt (Slovakia) and of course the host city of Székelyhíd.

The event was organized for the third time by Ér Hangja Association in cooperation with the Mayor’s Office of Székelyhíd and also with the support of the Europe for Citizens program.

The four-day program of the twinning meeting included a series of presentations, round table discussions and demonstrations to introduce the participating delegations and the interested public to the problems, issues and challenges affecting current and future agricultural policy and other economic factors in the European Union.

A number of other activities made the event even more attractive and interesting for the participants, including a small-scale producers’ exhibition, a cooking competition, a folk dance and folk music show.

Ér Hangja welcomes sister communities

Exchanging experiences on the EU at the meeting

A sister community meeting will be organized in Székelyhíd between August 26-29. The event, entitled Building a more cohesive EU through agricultural information exchange will bring together delegations from Edelény, Héhalom, Múcsony (Hungary), Kamocsa and Kürt (Slovakia).

One of the aims of the four-day meeting is to bring together the sister communities from the three countries. Together, the delegations will learn about the functioning of agriculture and the trade that underpins it across the European Union. They also exchange experiences on the kind of national or regional regulations, laws and features that will help these communities to develop and survive in the future, in the context of a healthy competitive environment in the European Union.

Embrace Spanish Art!

Last Saturday, October 3, our first event about Spanish culture took  place. The theme chosen this time was Spanish art, encompassing painting, architecture, sculpture and literatura.

It was really exciting to teach about great Spanish artists like Cervantes or Picasso. In addition, we prepared activities with which the kids really enjoyed. Although not many people came, we consider the event a succes. Looking forward to the next one about music and dance.

Volunteering is also a very important part of my life.

Hello! My name is Almudena and I am 26 years old. I am from Madrid, Spain, but now I´m living here in Sacueni because I´m going to work at Erhangja for four months, thanks to the European Solidarity Corps.

I have studied History and Journalism in Madrid, and I have been working as a History teacher until last March, although I have studied Journalism, this is my first time as a real journalist and this is really exciting.

I love music, reading, travelling and living new experiences. Volunteering is also a very important part of my life. I have had some volunteering experiences  in Spain and three years ago I went to Argentina as a volunteer to work with kids and Young people, what a wonderful experience!

To do a volunteering experience in Europe was something that was on my bucket list, so now, thanks to the European Solidarity corps, I can live my dream. I am sure this experience will bring me a lot of happiness and I hope to grow up as human being.

Talking about passions, my life revolves around sports.

Hello hello, Maria Vives Requena here! I am so glad to be introducing myself to you. I cannot wait to become a Sacuenian for the next four months. The world can be an overwhelming place, I was born in Barcelona 23 years ago and I’ve had the chance to travel to many places. You’ll see over the next few weeks that travelling and exploring cultures is a great passion of mine. Talking about passions, my life revolves around sports. It has given me so much and has based the values I stand for: responsability, team-work, patience, discipline, hard work, cooperation, freedom and solidarity among others. I hope I get to share all my experiences with you. Let’s get to work!

Do you throw it or do you recycle it?

Eighth graders encourage information about the selective collection of waste.

The selective collection of waste and the importance of recycling was introduced at the Petofi  Sándor Theoretical High School from Sacueni, the 8th Grade Students learned all this on January 16th, with the help of the volunteer of the  Ér Hangja Asociation.