The Ér hangja Association between 9-11th December 2016, organised the first Advent event where participated the youth of Sacueni and the surrounding settlements (Olosig, Cadea, Ciocaia, Sânnicolau de Munte, Cubulcut).

The main purpose of the event was to develop the community spirit of young people, to strengthen their national consciousness and to foster folk traditions, which was successfully realized within the three days long event.
They participated in a lot of handicrafts workshops, they made decorations from straw, they tried wood carving, gingerbread decoration, soup pasta making and in the breaks they learned folk songs. During their work, their community spirit was intensified, their national consciousness and their knowledge increased, observing traditional folk traditions.

The activities were based on the “Do It Yourself (DIY)” principle, so the young people didn’t just watch but they were actively involved in the making processes, thereby developing their creativity and skills. The project responded to community needs as it is essential to pass on the old values ​​to future generations. The products were delivered by the organizers to the residents of the Children’s Home in Sacueni.

The program also included disadvantaged young people, who have gained practical skills in crafts and folk art that can be utilized in their future.

The directly involved group of the program were the young people who participated in the activities and developed their various skills.

The project’s indirect stakeholders were the inhabitants of the children’s home, for whom we were presenting the objects made there, and the general public, who has been touched by the issue, covered by the project, namely preserving cultural values ​​and social cohesion through various media appearances (newspaper, online TV, radio) and promotional materials.