Eighth graders encourage information about the selective collection of waste.

The selective collection of waste and the importance of recycling was introduced at the Petofi  Sándor Theoretical High School from Sacueni, the 8th Grade Students learned all this on January 16th, with the help of the volunteer of the  Ér Hangja Asociation.

They tried to supplement the available time in a more colorful way. To begin with, a topic of selective collection of waste was teached with the help of a presentation. They wached videos  which can take care of answering questions such as, “is selective garbage really mixed with the rest?” or “if the whole world selectively collects the garbage, does this passage really save the planet?” After that, we discuss the thoughts mentioned in the short film, and played the game with ix-ox and made recycled objects, until the break.

After a short break, they returned to the banks and were divided into groups, according to the colors of the different selective baskets (red, green, yellow and blue). Following they had to confection some hand made things using some garbage and only their imagination. Another major component of each team’s work, had to use the type of garbage that matched the color of their group: red for metal, yellow for plastic, green for glass and blue for paper. Several creative things were made like pencil holders, lamps, horses and even paper skirts .

Eighth graders were eligible for the closing game. In turn, everyone had to take a note with a specific garbage on it, and they had to decide in which trashcan they are throwing it. Students were encouraged so they could do the right job.

The activity was carried out as part of a long-term strategic partnership of the Association. Thus, they have also performed other activities at other times, they can adapt to local conditions, with children of similar age group.