The international doors are open for the young people from Ier Valley who want to experience the new.

We have already wrote a summary of the International Youth Programs from the Ér Hangja Association (in the October newspaper), and as we wrote, there is a continuation. Last year our young people were able to smell the air from Norway, Lithuania, Spain, while others were curious about the city of Sacueni through the association. The young people have just arrived home, the year 2020 was already here, the international events starting in January.

Six in Portugal

Six lucky young people spent the entire third week of the New Year in Coimbra, Portugal, at an Erasmus Plus youth exchange program. A team from Romania, including from Sacueni, participated in a meeting with young people from Greece, Lithuania, Italy and Portugal, organized by the Department of Human Rights of the Coimbra University Student Organization. From here, one could guess what the thirty participants from the five countries represented did for a week: knowing the fundamental human rights.

The organizers have entrusted  the national teams, the most offended groups of law these days, to prepare and present them to their colleagues during the week, by non-formal methods, through workshops. Therefore, our team, for historical reasons, has done some research on children’s rights, showing at European Union level how successful they have been in protecting children’s rights or in which countries are most vulnerable. The rights of national minorities, women’s rights, human rights and immigration are also on the agenda.

After serious discussions and reasoning during the day, each night, the cultural evening of the participating nations culminated in a day when young people could learn about the culture of a particular country. In addition to the organized program, of course, there were many opportunities to get to know Portugal, with its climate, food and social habits, transport, traditional fado music and pop music. Thus, our little delegation returned home from the Portuguese adventure, with both knowledge and emotion.

We have a one year partnership in Italy

The closing event took place in Marsciano, in the province of Perugia, where the Italian partner, Travelogue Association, convened and organized the closing conference of the one-year competition. The essence of the competition is the preservation of our cultural heritage and the preservation of their traditions, financed by the Erasmus program of the European Union. Each of the four partners presented their own programs of preserving the tradition and it is fair to say that the Ér Hangja Association did not rise far from the objectives set, as the value and interest of the workshops organized at Advent Bee are undeniable. The partners then discussed when and how cooperation could continue. The conference ended with a pleasant literary evening, and the 17th song of Divine Commedia, by Dante Alighieri, was read with a musical background.

This year’s plans

The international relations system is really expanding, because the purpose of the Ér Hangja Association is to open as many opportunities for young people in Sacueni and the Ier Valley. All with the help of the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union, with all its benefits for those interested. This year’s calendar includes two youth exchanges in Italy and Lithuania. And everyone will have access to these opportunities on the Erhangja International Facebook page, on the Ér Hangja instagram page or on