A new youth exchange i coming to town for the youngsters of Sacueni! The Erhangja Egyesulet is going to transmit information about VOLUNTEERING during a 7 DAY LONG program with the help of NON-FORMAL tools and of two facilitators. SAVE THE DATE: 8-14 September, 2019! For more read more! 😀

If you are aged between 16-30 yrs apply now! You wil participate on the exchange in Sacueni, together with 30 Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian young people, so you will get to know more about volunteering as much in theory as in practice! 😉 In the same time we are looking for a curious, responsible group leader too, for whom there is no upper agelimit applied.

APPLY TILL 4TH OF AUGUST by sending us a message to the erhangja1@gmail.com e-mail address!
There is no participation fee, just as your travel expenses will be reimbursed, while your meals and accommodation will be supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.