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Hello! My name is Almudena and I am 26 years old. I am from Madrid, Spain, but now I´m living here in Sacueni because I´m going to work at Erhangja for four months, thanks to the European Solidarity Corps.

“Hello Tourist!”

Tourism is an important source of wealth, both economic, cultural and social. Tourism allows us to know other places, other cultures, other food and new people. Tourism is present everywhere, also in Bihor, and in Sacueni.

Jesus Child’s Home: A real opportunity

Stubenberg Castle is one of the most remarkable places in Sacueni. As we told you in the Facebook page Touristic Sacueni it is an important historical monument. It was constructed  between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. Too many people have lived in the castle; at the beginning it was owned by the Habsburg Royal House, later they offered the castle to the counselor to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, J. Dietrichstein. In 1830 the castle became property of Earls Gusztav Stubenberg. Nowadays, the castle belongs to Romanian State. It has been for a long time a Highschool, the Petõfi Sandor Highschool, until 2008, when the new High School was rebuilt.

Can you imagine to live in a place like this, full of History and stories. Well, since not long ago has become the home of several children who need a home where they are loved and protected.

Developing day by day

In Sacueni, the City Hall is a fundamental institution for the community to develop. We have spokeb with Csaba Beres, the mayor, and he has told u show thinks work in Sacueni, what is the best and worst of the city and what the City Hall does and intends to do to improve the city.

The handball team, a kind of family

I have always thought that to teach something you have to feel passion for that something. As I know, Sacueni’s handball team is quite well known in the area and I did not want to miss the opportunity to write an article about it.

Sandor Koma is the handball team trainer in Sacueni. He trains three teams in the city; one of the teams is made up of girls under 11 years old, the other two teams are made up of boys and girls under 14 years old.

If you ask Sandor what are the team biggest achievements he speaks about the group of the bigger ones that started training “Five years ago. Two years ago they had a competition in wich they had no places, neither of the teams. That was a friendly competitios to make the kids love the sport”. They were two times in Budapest to play some competitions, one of them was on Santa’s day (6-7 December). Last year they had the Ier Valley competition and they got the 3rd place. The problem is that the kids come and go, they are always changing that is why they can’t go to bigger competitions.

The community is a family

As you know, I am city girl, and I am used to seeing a lot of diversity in a very big place. However, it is incredible to arrive in a much smaller place and find so much diversity. There are three churches of three different confessions in Sacueni. I did not want to miss the opportunity to write an article about religious diversity in Sacueni. For this reason I decided to meet with the three priests and ask them about their vocation, the funtioning of their churches and how the Covid situation has affected to the normal life of the community.

The catholic priest, Kuglis Gábor, was born in Marghita in 1978. He grew up in a religious family. Since a very young age he went to the church to help. He wanted to help the people, so he wanted to be a priest or a teacher. At 8th grade, the teacher asked what they wanted to be in the future, in that momento he knew that what he wanted to be without thinking was a priest. He wanted to be closer to God. He went to the Elementary School in Oradea. When he finished High School he went to the Teology University, he was sent to Budapest for 6 years, he studied there. After he finished in 2003 he became a priest.

Teacher is someone who inspires for life

As a teacher, and I consider myself a really dedicated teacher, I am always curious about what education is like in other places. Here in Sacueni, I have put aside my facet as a teacher to dedícate myself to communication. But as a journalist, I did not want to miss the opportunity to write about education in Sacueni.

To do this, I have been very lucky to have had a meeting with Blanka, a mother of two girls and an English teacher at Petofi Sandor School. Blanka is also a Romanian teacher and works as a volunteer at the Jesus Child’s Home, helping the kids to do their homework and with Romanian. Blanka has been a teacher for 12 years, and we can say that for her, to be a teacher is a true vocation.

Sacueni, Bihor

Somewhere in Romania, near to the Hungarian border, there is a small town called Sacueni, in the Bihor County. This Spanish girl from Madrid did not know about its existence until a few months ago. But now, destiny has wanted to bring me to Sacueni to be able to know and write about this wonderful place.

Located in the northwestern part of Bihor County, the city of Sacueni is the fourth city in Bihor and the largest one in the northwest of the county. In the Middle Age, Sacueni already had the Rank of city, but over the years and until the last years it was only a commune. It was in 2004 when Sacueni became a city again. But by the name of  “city of Sacueni” we also understand the administratively belonging villages.

The administrative territory of Sacueni is located at a distance of 43 kilometers from the city of Oradea, that is in the north, and 21 kilometers from Marguita, the nearest city, located to the east. The city is bordered on the west by Hungary.

ESC, a huge opportunity

The European Solidarity Corps offers to Eurpean youngster a huge opportunity. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and you are looking for an opportunity to help the community inside or outside Europe, the European Union gives you that opportunity. You can do it with the support from the European Solidarity Corps, wich helps young people to participate in community projects both in their own country and abroad. These projects not only offer a stimulating and enriching experiences. These projects not only offer a stimulating and enriching experience: They also give you the possibility to make real changes, while developing your own skills and competencies.

The European Solidarity Corps awards grants to organizations through calls for proposals. People wishing to participate in these activities must registe ron the European Solidarity Corps portal. This portal facilitates the meeting between young people and subsidized organizations to carry out activities.

Sacueni, a Place Full of History

History has plagued me since I was very little, I remember myself asking my father things related to History and being interesting in every single detail. I have come to love History so much that I even had made it a true vocation and a very important part of my life.