Our Spanish volunteers invited the great public to an online series where anyone could learn how the most well-known and delicious Spanish meals are done! If you missed the online event between 22-27 NOvember, 2020, here you find everything you need to know! If you read further, you’ll find the recipes and How it’s made? videos as well!


The Perfect Mouth Opener! Bread, tomato, salt and olive oil. Super easy and super cheap, it’ll only take you 30 seconds to make. What else can you ask for?

1. Toast slices of left-over bread from the day before.
2. Cut one RIPE tomato in halves. THE CUT MUST BE MADE ACROSS, not bottom to top.
3. Take one of the halves and rub it over the bread.
4. Add a pinch of salt and a generous ray of olive oil.
THAT’S IT! EASY, SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS! Now you know what to do with your left-over food. Be responsible and do not throw food away. Embrace one of the most recognized Catalan recipes worldwide!


The Ultimate Healthy Starter! Made with Mediterranean products, it will give you a complete intake of vegetables needed to maintain a healthy diet.

1. Peel and grate two medium sized carrots.
2. Peel and slice the red onion.
3. Cut the selected cheese in little squares or medallions.
4. Drain the sun-dried tomatoes. Do not throw away the oil, it can be used as dressing,giving the salad a marvelous taste.
5. Wash the Mediterranean salad mix and put it on a plate or bowl of choice.
6. Add all the ingredients according to taste.
7. Dress the salad with oil and pepper.
We recommend not to add salt to the mix, the ingredients added already have salt. Let’skeep it healthy! MEDITERRÀNIA ÉS UNA FESTA!


This is obivously the Crown Jewel. One of the most famously recognised dishes in the world. Don’t miss out the opportunity of trying this at home. Up for a challenge?

1. Peel the potatoes and clean them. It is very important to dry them accordingly.
2. Cut the potatoes in not too thin layers and put them in a bowl.
3. Add salt to taste.
4. In a big nonstick pan, pour extra virgin olive oil generously. Set a low fire and let itheat a little bit.
5. Pour the potatoes in the mildly heated oil and let them cook for around 20 minutes. Itis very important that the oil is not too hot, we do not want to fry the potatoes we wantto “pochar” the potatoes.
6. While the potatoes slowly cook on the pan, take a big bowl and start beating theeggs. The bowl needs to be big enough because we will put the cooked potatoes inwhen they are ready.
7. Separately, peel and cut in fine slices one big onion. Onions cook faster thanpotatoes, so it is better to cook them separately to avoid problems.
8. In a small pan, pour some oil to cook (pochar) the onion slices. Once they arecooked, let them cool and put them in the big bowl with the beaten eggs.
9. Once the potatoes are cooked, drain the oil in a wringer. DO NOT THROW THE OIL, IT CAN BE USED AGAIN.
10. When the potatoes are properly drained, add them to the egg and onion mix. Let themix rest for a few minutes. You will allow the ingredient’s taste to heighten.
11. In a medium size pan, pour some oil and heat for a minute. Pour the mix and let itcook for 4-5 minutes in medium-high heat.
12. Use a pan cover to flip the tortilla. Be careful with this step. It is important that thecover is big enough to cope with the tortilla. AGAIN, BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF! This is one of the most crucial steps in the recipe, no pressure…
13. Let the tortilla cook for another 4 minutes.
14. Put in a big plate and enjoy the wonders of one of the most famous Spanish dishes EVER!

*** CHURROS ****

The Sweetest Treat for All Ages! Fried-dough pastry with hot chocolate on a cold winter evening! Get into it and taste the sweetness of churros! Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside coupled with a glorious cup of hot chocolate! MOUTH-WATERING!

1. Put water, a pinch of salt and butter in a big pot and bring to boil.
2. Add the flour to the pot and stir until you have a homogeneous mix.
3. Remove from the heat and keep stirring until there are no flour lumps.
4. Let the mix cool and put it in a pastry bag which will allow you to make the traditionalchurro shape.
5. Start laying the 7cm churros in a tray or plate.
6. In a pot, heat the sunflower oil to 170 degrees and fry the churros until golden.
7. Drain the oil excess in a paper towel.8. Put some white sugar in a plate and coat the churros in said sugar.
THE CHURROS ARE READY TO EAT! Don’t miss the chance to soak them in hotchocolate, it certainly is the PERFECT combination. Best for a cold winter morning,afternoon or even as desert! ☕ WHATCH HERE HOW IT’S MADE!

THANK YOU for coming with us in the culinary journey around traditional foods from our homeland! It has been a pleasure to share the recipes and we hope that you have enjoyed every second of it as much as we have!