Cook with Hasan! #1

You’re staying at home? We do too. But we try to spend our time usefully. Try to cook with us! If you have any easy-peasy idea to be prepped next time, let us know in a comment below!


Cook with Hasan! #2

You’ll never guess what Turkish tasty thing 🍽️was cooked in our volunteer’s 2nd video! Only iiiiff… you press play maybe?! 😁 Do it yourself too and share with us in comments how did it come out! 😉


Cook with Hasan! #3

Kabak Dolması 🙂 ♥ Do you know what Hasan means? If not, you have to try out this lovely vegetarian Turkish meal of stuffed zucchinis! That’s what he means! 😀


Europe Day

We commemorate #EuropeDay2020 with 2 posts this year, thanks to our #ESC #volunteers. One of them is this video, explaining, what is Europe Day at all?

Public Institutions / Education

In our #ESC project “Supporting Sacueni’s community with the tools of media”, Hasan’s task is to make videos that introduce public institutions to the audience. This time he is presenting to you the Romanian school system. Check it out!

Cook with Hasan! #4

A delicious Turkish specialty has came out from Hasan’s hands, from our volunteers’ kitchen! Here you can also see how to make the Karnı Yarık by youself!


Carnival at the highschool

The highschoolers of our city had a carnival festivity, as the school habit dictates! Our international volunteer, Hasan did a short video about it!


Public institutions / Healthcare

In our #ESC project entitled “Supporting Sacueni’s community with the tools of media”, Hasan’s task is to make videos that introduce the history and operation of public institutions to the audience. Now, for example, the Romanian health care system is on the plate.

Cook with Hasan! #5

This time Hasan prepared a very easy, but tasty meal with bulgur for you, called Çiğ Köfte 😉 But what the bulgur is? One of the main ingredients of the Turkish kitchen, which is actually a cereal food obtained from the cracked parboiled groats of wheat. It is very health, as much as the other ingredients, so you should definitely try it! Enjoy your meal!


Cook with Hasan! #6

Hasan made this time a food with bean for you. From few ingredients, we can cook a really nourishing dish, which is also very tasty! This is the Kuru Fasulye ♥


Public institutions / The Museum of Sacueni
Hasan made a presenting video of the facility known to everyone as the museum building, showing its past, present, former and actual purpose. The short film includes an interview with local residents Maior Liviu és Emília Rhédey, who talk about the old condition and past utilization of the building.

Public institutions / The Phoenix Sport Club

The Phoenix Sports Association from Săcueni has been working for years to promote traditional archery and to pass on this sport to young generations. In the following minutes, you can see an interview with archer Sr. Bokor Zoltán, who guides the viewers into the process of introduction and history of this sport in the area. After that, coach Guba József will say a few technical, practical things about archery and the situation caused by the pandemic.

International Youth Day

With the occasion of International Youth Day, Hasan made a short compilation containing a selection of important and memorable moments of youth exchanges carried out in the past 5 years by the Ér Hangja Association, on the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme.


Cook with Hasan #7

This time Hasan cooked for you Adana Kebab originated from the locality with the same name, a street food. If you do not have the necessary tool to fry it traditionally, you can make meatballs.

Public institutions / The Erhangja Association

This time, Hasan made a short film about the formation, activities and staff of the Ér Hangja Association. In the upcoming minutes, you can see an interview with Tímea Aszalós, the president of the association, Péter Lencar, the editor-in-chief of the radio, and Blanka Ványa, the editor-in-chief of the monthly newspaper. Hasan will also give a brief presentation of his work.

Public institutions / The Parliament of Romania

Cook with Hasan! #8

The last meal which Hasan cooked for you during his project is the well-well known sweet Baclava, a Turkish delicatessen. Try the recipe, because it is very easy. In this way you can savour this specialty at home, made by you and not bought from the market.

Public Institutions – Törekvés Sport Club

In the upcoming minutes, Hasan will provide an insight into the life and history of the Székelyhídi Törekvés. The team was founded in 1921, so next year it will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The ensemble is playing currently in Bihar County IV. league and also has a kid team. The latter also competes in the county league, in Progress Group D, with children of a similar age, aged 11-12. In the short film, you can see an interview with local resident Árpád Nagy, coach Sándor Kiss, Imre Erdei, the team manager, and Róbert Oláh, the coach of the childrens’ team.