A Turkish volunteer came to us Another volunteer from Turkey joined the large family of the Ér Hangja Association. Hassan Cimen came to our city in early January, celebrating 23 years of age with his new friends at his new home in Sacueni. Hassan came from Kusadasi, a tourist paradise, from where the rest of his family lives, who are working in the hospitality industry. His parents work as cooks and he was introduced to the world of work from an early age.

At the age of twelve, he already worked as a waiter’s assistant after graduating high school and was employed full time. He applied for a diploma in programming, where unfortunately he was not admitted, but he did not give up on his dreams and would try again for admission, because programming and computer work is his hobby and his life. The concept of volunteering is not foreign to him, because, even in Turkey, he was part of a volunteer program, but his work at the Ér Hangja Association is something new, because it seems like a more interesting adventure, being far from home and family in a new community and a new country.

Hassan will spend nine months in our city. Its main field of activity will be multimedia: he will produce animations and videos about the functioning of public institutions. It will also organize a cultural event every month and will also be an integral part of the other activities of the association. In his short stay he began to love our small city already, although he lacks the agitation with which he was accustomed to at home. During his stay, his main objective is to improve his English language skills, learn about our culture and make new friends. He wants to learn as much as possible the Hungarian language, although he recognizes that it will be a very difficult task, but as in any case, it is positive in this regard, because this is the essence of volunteering.