Volunteers from many countries have already come to us, thanks to the Ér Hangja Association and other organizations. Slowly, it becomes common in our city to hear foreign words as you walk down the street.

For our latest call, we now have a Hungarian girl who will be the event organizer for the next nine months.

Viktória Vigh is a 19-year-old freshman graduate from high school from Hajdúbagos, Hungary. Viki is preparing to become a dentist and after completing high school she wanted to spend a year preparing for her studies and volunteering. An almost immediate response to her plans was a phone call from her former dance teacher, who told her about the opportunity at the Ér Hangja Association. She didn’t hesitate a lot, she immediately came forward and, in the absence of rivals, she became the sure winner.

Within the nine months available, she will organize 27 events, of which nine will be cultural events to promote Hungarian culture. Although she came to us only recently (early October), but did not hesitate, she immediately began to work. She has already contributed to the promotion of Erasmus programs and participated in a project on non-formal education for graduate classes. In addition, she began her own work, arranging craft classes for students in four primary school classes, called the Autumn Knocker.

Our future plans include our association’s anti-corruption campaign and preparing the IV. Advent bee. She hopes to organize many craft classes for the little ones, to give career advice to the big ones, and to organize workshops on various World Days.