Today is Europe Day!
It is true, that we speak different languages and our culture is not the same, but all of us are a little part of a multicultural European community! Be proud of it!

A series for a healthy lifestyle in times of lockdown! Viktória started a short post series on the facebook page of the hosting organization in order to give tips for a healthy diet, even during lockdown days. Start your day wih a refreshing orange juice! Try a tasty toast for breakfast with a delicious avocado cream and tomato! Or go for a sweet, but healthy recipe!

Preparing for a National Commemoration Day Our ESC volunteer took part in the local “kokárda” making workshop together with the local children’s handicrafts club, and the elders club of Sacueni, getting ready for Hungarian revolution remembrance day.

Our associations online tv programme got richer with a new show initiated by our ESC volunteer, Viktória. She just left the school, and now she tries to give the help she did not get at school to find her way to her truly wanted profession. The videos have Hungarian content.

Our international volunteer’s tv show entitled You know the score? reached its 2nd episode. This time an education counsellor lets us know who can help on our way to find our profession.

Our international volunteer’s tv show entitled You know the score? has its 3rd episode published! (HU content). In this chapter the local education counsellor says: Keep calm, tail-tracks are ok and necessary to get to know ourselves better!

Throw or Recycle?

Viktória did a colorful presentation in the high school of Săcueni about this topic in order to raise young people awareness on the importance of recycling and the adequate treatement of public spaces for having a more conscious environment. We hope that all the games and the time when they had to create a piece of art using the rubbish was enough to make them more careful, because we must save our planet by sorting the rubbish which can be re-used.