After breakfast we had a few minutes to gain some power to be able to paint basically the whole town. After a few minutes of briefing, we started our journey to the places in Sacueni that had to be renovated. We formed three groups and we painted a bridge, some benches and some fences.

It was a really hot day which made harder the work for everybody, but with the help of a lot of water, we could still enjoy it and we are still alive! After that we came back to the accommodation and had lunch. Then we made plans for the next day’s project which will take part in the local school. We made posters to promote volunteering and prepared a lot of games and activities for the high school pupils.

We also watched a video about the controversies of volunteering: whether it can make a real difference or not.  After that we had a debate if it was true what the Tedx presenter was talking about. The conclusion was that we don’t agree with her. In conclusion, we had another really fun day in the beautiful town of Sacueni!

Beatričė Zajančkauskaitė, Elina Smite, Vodila Martin, Vezsenyi Ákos