Hellas for Us
Hellas for Us Organisation is an organisation interested in non-formal learning,environment,culture,sports, employability, initiative in entrepreneurship, art, human rights, media and communication. As an organisation we want to give the chance to youth and also people with fewer opportunities to travel abroad,socialise and become open minded!!
Unique Projects
We are active, ambitious and thrusting association “Unique Projects”. Our organization is non-profit and aims to encourage intercultural understanding, sharing of best practices and increase free-time spending alternatives for young people. We encourage perfection of youth, self-discover and widening the circle of personal opportunities. Helpful tools are travelling to foreign countries, communicating with people of other cultures, keeping long-lasting relationship and collaborating. We are building conscious, creative, widely looking and reaching personal goals community of young people. We are using non-formal methods, organizing projects in Lithuania and being partners in projects taking place abroad. In these activities we include young people, give them chance to gain new knowledge and invaluable experience.

Circle of Friends for Gersekarat (Gersekaratert Barati Kor – GBK)

was established in 1999 to organize the village’s social life and to develop and protect its traditions and values. The association’s headquarter is in the House of Culture, which serves as an Integrated Community and Service Place (IKSZT) from 2012. The activities and services of the organisation are expanding year by year: it organizes cultural, leisure, and educational program for the village and especially for young people. From 2001, GBK is the owner and operator of the House of Telecommunication (Telehaz), giving an open public space and easily available services to every citizen, institution and civil organization of the community. From 2005, the House of Telecommunication functions as an e-Hungary Point helping local people and civil organizations in electronic administration, and serving information. From 2006, GBK operates the Youth Club and Information Point, which provides leisure programs and information services for local young people. Due to its wide range of activities, the organization can reach several people from different backgrounds, but the main targets of the activities are local young people.The organization is committed to improve the opportunities and life of young people and encourages them to become an active member of their community. GBK assists the local Children and Youth Government of Gersekarat, which was established in 2003, and operates within our organization. It helps young people to accomplish their own ideas and projects, protects their interests, educates them about democratic values, organizes leisure and sport activities, promotes healthy lifestyle and coaches young people to become successful in their adult life.

Baltic Regional Fund
The Baltic Regional Fund is a non-governmental organization and foundation that supports social and intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and cultural exchange among young people and adults. The organization is located in Riga but organizes regular activities all around in Latvia and collaborates on the European level implementing educational projects. BR Fund aim is to develop, encourage and support creative ideas with the help of trainings, projects and consultations. Members of the foundation enhance the idea of friendly and peaceful world by promoting intercultural dialogue, equality and respecting individuality. The Baltic Regional fund main goals are:1. Work with young people;2. Promote non-formal education and intercultural dialogue, as well as the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social status and cultural environment;3. Promotion and development of Lifelong learning activities/programs;4. Promotion of NGO participation in the policy planning and provision of public services;5. Promotion of Civic society;6. Enhance tolerance and mutual understanding between European citizens respecting and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, while contributing to intercultural dialogue;7. Provide advice on employment, gender equality and social inclusion. Main target group is youth-children, students, adults (especially groups of social risk-early school leavers, migrants and unemployed). The foundation actively are working with youngsters and organization has Youth centre in Riga – “BaMbuss”. In our work BRF use different non-formal education methods, including discussions, statements, group work, forum theatre etc. Especially these activities are promoted in youth centre „BaMbuss”, where BRF organize some multi-faceted youth activities – workshops, non-formal learning, discussions and specialized clubs, train volunteers and developing mentoring and peer support network and provide career counselling.