When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade; our team got the marvelous opportunity to be the ones to introduce the article of the first day, so we are gonna put on our big kid pants and make a fun one (hopefully). Even though we got to meet each other the night before, the officialities and the burden of the name-games fell on the shoulders of Sunday’s activities and as such, a bunch of foreign kids were mashed together into an Erasmus+ project to befriend each other.

One of the first challenges we were faced with was teaming up with a person from each of the participant countries to make this article into something that you can read and mentally digest. Upon meeting my teammates I realised that I had to work hard in order to not disappoint the country I came from, as the ragtag team I became part of was made up of both artsy, sporty and hella’ smart people.

My hands more as fast as I can talk, but here everyone gets what I want to say. – the writer

We were tasked to go on the dangerous, life threatening mission of discovering the foreign town called „Sacueni” in order to hunt down the rare pictures, which could show some volunteering opportunities and also showcase the aspects of the town that Sacueni can improve at. The town is both beautiful and rich in opportunities for volunteers to start their work. Our team got to steal some walnuts (technically we didn’t steal them), to see the local school and break into the teacher’s room, to learn about the local culture and to discover each other’s talents (and trust me, these people are gonna change the world, just wait and see). By the end of the day the atmosphere lightened up, we attempted to learn each other’s names (maybe even butchered some) and we can safely say that there are some friendships in the making here.

Romanian national night ended up in a garden party with a rich table and lovely bonfire mood.

There is so much more to talk about, but if you want to get the Erasmus+ experience, I advise you to take part in one and maybe even write a similar article.

By: Nagy Szintia, Zarrou Victoria, Gabija Ulinskaite, Richard Milgravis