Today project participants participated in two kinds of volunteer work: interacting with school kids and volunteering in public institutions that meant taking care of museum, helping librarians to hand out flyers, and painting public walls.

Volunteers were split up into four groups and they had to prepare for an activity with the school kids. The main goal of these activities was to make them fun and the same time educative. Every group made different kind of activities about volunteering for youngsters to learn about. The results were positive – adolescents enjoyed the programs  prepared by the volunteers and had fun.  After teaching kids, volunteers met in hall room and discussed about their experiences teaching kids and what they could improve in future.

Then, for the volunteering at public institutions, participants split into three groups: one group took care of museum’s cleanness, another helped in library and the third group planned decorated walls near museum.

Volunteers talked with museum’s leader about Sacueni history, helped to clean the rooms and learned some new tricks in cleaning windows. The group that went to library shared each of their countries poetry and after that made a flashmob where they read books in a park.

A formation named earlier the “Creative group” made outlines of the painting on the walls and started working on it.

After lunch every single volunteer participated in painting two big walls. It was the best possible team work and in three hours the walls were finished. Now you can see the landscape of Sacueni and the Zolyomi-fortress on the walls near museum and the city hall.

In the evening all participants sat in the working hall and shared their thoughts about the day.