What a die! Apart from everyone playing ’’The Murder game’’, trying to ’’kill’’ each other with random objects, we also spoke about the volunteering in our countries. Every country presented their own situation, discussing what is in motion and what the problems with volunteering in each country are.

After that, groups were created in order to understand the SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis method. Everyone did a good job finding the meaning of these four terms in volunteering not only through discussion but also via role-play. The role-playing was funny and at the same time we practised how to think critically.

While Latvians are getting ready for the cultural night, everyone’s having fun playing card games and being together (otherwise, they might get killed J). With broken ice between everybody, we’re headed to make this place a little nicer not only for the locals but also for ourselves. <3

By: Vivien Béres, Aristotelis Anastopoulos, Fazekas Bence, Benas Balčikonis, Poļina Smoļaninova