Tourism is an important source of wealth, both economic, cultural and social. Tourism allows us to know other places, other cultures, other food and new people. Tourism is present everywhere, also in Bihor, and in Sacueni.

In Bihor, you can do almost everything, except seaside tourism. There is a Tourism Festival, you can do hiking and mountaineering. You can also do cultural tourism like city breaks and round trips. There are a lot of possibilities if you like tourism: you can do holiday tourism, spa tourism, medical tourism, religious tourism, wine tourism, castle tourism, conference tourism, professional tourism ( business or MICE tourism), shopping tourism and adventure tourism.

In Sacueni you can also find huge opportunities: You can do spa tourism, religious tourism,wine tourism and cultural tourism (in Sacueni you can enjoy the sightseeing, the wine cellars and the village museums).

The most visited places in Bihor are the thermal bath of Hegyözszentmiklós, the Komáromy Mansion in Ottomány village, wine cellars of Szalacs and vineries of Bihardiószeg and the Stubenberg Castle and the wine cellars of Sacueni.

You can take thermal baths, participate in wine tasting events and take part in cultural events like city or village days, Christmas markets or visit in village museums.

The main attraction in Bihor County is the karst plateau of Padis and in Sacueni it is the Salty Road with the wine cellars.

The freshest and surest data of the National Institute of Statistics say that in 2018 Bihor County was visited by aprox 480.000 of Romanian tourists, and more tan 71.000 foreign tourists. Unfortunately, there is no data about how many people visit Sacueni per year.

Though the statistics say something different, the idea is that there are a lot more tourists coming from Hungary than from Romania. This is hard to distinguish because of the  double citizenship (it depends on what kind of identity card you use when you cross the border, when you book your accommodation, etc.-where the statistics come from). So this means, if they come from outside the country, it is rather international.

To promote tourism in Sacueni we have to improve the hospitality services, mainly quality accommodation (hotels are missing), tourism services like information center or conference rooms, the modernization of the thermal bath, wine museum, souvenir shops and advertising.