I have always thought that to teach something you have to feel passion for that something. As I know, Sacueni’s handball team is quite well known in the area and I did not want to miss the opportunity to write an article about it.

Sandor Koma is the handball team trainer in Sacueni. He trains three teams in the city; one of the teams is made up of girls under 11 years old, the other two teams are made up of boys and girls under 14 years old.

If you ask Sandor what are the team biggest achievements he speaks about the group of the bigger ones that started training “Five years ago. Two years ago they had a competition in wich they had no places, neither of the teams. That was a friendly competitios to make the kids love the sport”. They were two times in Budapest to play some competitions, one of them was on Santa’s day (6-7 December). Last year they had the Ier Valley competition and they got the 3rd place. The problem is that the kids come and go, they are always changing that is why they can’t go to bigger competitions.

I wanted to know if the handball team gets enough resources or they need some help for stuffs and materials, Sandor said that “It is true that the bigger kids need bigger costumes, it would be great to change them”. The team get some help from the Hungarian Handball Federation, they have a project toghether that started in 2016. They receive support from the community also. Last year they got help from the city hall to be able to hold a smaller local competition.

The handball team does a lot of things for the community. Many people heard about Sacueni because of the handball team. The kids were to places that were a dream for them, like Training Arena Ferenz Frody. Very good trainers like Elek Gabor came to Sacueni to have a training for trainers. The handball team helps the kids to improve their social life and they learn how to work in teams also. “For them, the team is a kind of family”.

It is difficult to bring more kids to the team: “The youngster prefer the new tecnologies and the kids have to taste how is to play handball, summer camps are helping a lot on that”.

The Covid situation created a big impact in the kids and the training, they couldn’t start when they wanted. The competitions were postponed. The group of the smallest children would have started this autumn, however it had to stop due to de Covid situation. They would have had a competition in Hungary but it had to be cancelled.

Sandor would love to show handball as many kids as posible, he wants the kids to grow in a healthy way. He also wants the next generation to love the sport as he does. If you ask him what he wants to achieve he says that he wants “the kids to achieve a bigger level, that would be really worthy”.