The European Solidarity Corps offers to Eurpean youngster a huge opportunity. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and you are looking for an opportunity to help the community inside or outside Europe, the European Union gives you that opportunity. You can do it with the support from the European Solidarity Corps, wich helps young people to participate in community projects both in their own country and abroad. These projects not only offer a stimulating and enriching experiences. These projects not only offer a stimulating and enriching experience: They also give you the possibility to make real changes, while developing your own skills and competencies.

The European Solidarity Corps awards grants to organizations through calls for proposals. People wishing to participate in these activities must registe ron the European Solidarity Corps portal. This portal facilitates the meeting between young people and subsidized organizations to carry out activities.

Young people from all over Europe participate in these kinds of projects, meeting new people, living new experiences and leaving their confort zone. Currently, there are a large number of young people working as volunteers throughout Romania, and here in Sacueni this possibility of volunteering is also offered.

Er Hangja International has been offering these projects for a few years. Two projects of the European Solidarity Corps have taken place in Sacueni, and seven international volunteers have been able to travel to Sacueni, settle here, become part of the community and work to improve it. Of these seven volunteers, five come from Spain, one from Hungary and one from Turkey.

The first of these projects took place in 2018 and the name of the project was “Volunteers for supporting European cultural diversity”. Three volunteers from Spain participated in this project during 2018 and 2019. The volunteers held several events to promote cultural Exchange, as well as workshops at the school. They also made different written articles, videos and radio programs with the same purpose.

The second project’s name is “Supporting Sacueni community with the tolos of media”. This project started in January 2020 and has had four volunteers; a Turk, a Hungarian and two Spanish. In this project, all kinds of activities have been carried out usin the media to promote community development as well as cultural exchange. The volunteers have written articles about the public institutions in Sacueni, they also have held several events about their cultures (food, art, music, dance, etc) and have uploaded different publications to social networks.

The European Union offers this fantastic opportunity to young people, so I firmly believe that we must seize these opportunites and open up horizons.