“The aim of the Erasmus+ program is to promote the development of competences and employability, to help the modernization of education, trainings and youth labor.”
erhangja_logo “The aim of the association is to inform the inhabitants of the region and to develop the marketing of the city of Sacueni using the devices of the media (newspaper, radio, television). On one hand our regular activity is the maintenance of the media studio that the association opened in 2013. On the other hand the association also organizes educational and cultural events for the local community.The staff of the organization is made up of the founders of a 5 years old monthly newspaper (called Er hangja) and the employees of the city hall. The group of these people participated on several media trainings to be able to use the tools of the mass media according to the purposes.
The target group of our activities is made up of all the persons who are interested in the life of the city, in working on the field of the media, and the youth who represent the after-growth for the association. We already have staff members from these target groups and we are open to involve more interested people in the future.
hangkep “Young journalists of Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar County founded the Sound-Picture Association (Hang-Kép Egyesület) in 2000. We noticed that there was a lack in the professional rising generation in the local media. Although communication is a popular department at the Hungarian universities, we realized that the students did not really know what it means to work in a radio or TV. Our association is training young people to prepare radio programs, TV magazines and short films on intercultural happenings of Europe. In the framework of our non-formal communication trainings they can try out themselves in practice. In the past few years our association has turned towards communication skill trainings as well, where disadvantaged groups of youngsters got the possibility to improve their communication skills in order to find a better job or to address the stakeholders in a more effective way to achieve their goals. Besides these the association helps many local and regional NGOs with information campaigns (newsletters, web design, information materials, photos, etc.) and communication trainings to publish their programs to their target groups in the most effective way.”
logo “The Ad hoc Civic Association was established in November 2010 by four students of undergraduate study of Political science at Comenius University in Bratislava. The main aim of the association was to contribute to the educational process by creating a platform where young people as well as general public would be able to extend their knowledge, improve their critical thinking and communication skills via informal discussions with experts on different topics.
After almost 2 years of its existence the Ad hoc started to take part in Youth in Action projects as partner organization, but also as organizer of its own projects. Also new members were recruited, so recently there are 8 members, from different departments.
In terms of fact the association was primarily founded to organize projects for young people in Bratislava, but during its existence it has build a large network of young people all over Europe. This network is made up of people who are willing to sacrifice some part of their free time to deepen their skills and knowledge, and is enthusiastic about taking part in various national and international projects.”