The project of the Erhangja Association called European Social Overview through My Lens was closed on 16th July. The end of the project was marked by the film projection in the conference room of the youth center owned by the Reformed Church of Sacueni.

During the project the participants learned how to handle the camcorder and the photo cam for making videos; they could try their knowledge also in practice during the fieldwork. You can see the documentaries created from the interviews, clips recorded by them. It is an interesting fact that each documentary was created by a team of participants with mixed nationalities, this team setup enhanced communication and acquaintance process. The team working with the camcoder recorded a 10 minute interview with Kovács Ágnes, the manager of the Child Jesus Child Care Centre from Sacueni, which is operated by The Saint Francis Foundation of Deva. The second team recorded a short movie in Cioacaia and Sacueni about the status of the local Roma community (What they do for living? How big their families are?). The third team created a 3 minute long joyful music video – with smart phones.

Another tangible result of the project is that each participant got the YouthPass about the key competences they gained that is acknowledged by the European Union.

These are results that can be introduced in a CV in the future, but the established friendships, the conversations far into the night and the moments of leave-taking are results that can’t be shown.

European Social Overview through My Lens – I’m rich because…  

European Social Overview through My Lens – Itt

European Social Overview through My Lens – A hétházy csapat