The Slovak cultural night indulged not only our tummies but we could gain new knowledge about the country and could also expand our common dictionary with new words. After a night rich in dance and tastes the groups could hardly begin to start the editional works of the documentary movie next morning. There were some exercises helping the atunement and then the film crews from Monday teamed up again. They made it clear what’s the rest to do, who undertakes what, what kind of footages are needed yet, what should contain the promotion of the screening?
Social discrimination, roma integration, poverty and the question of the lacking infrastructure – these all appear in the shor films of the crews. The question was: how can the editing teams work simoultainously in such a way that the three separate films can form one rounded whole? For the editing-cutting teams this meant a serious collaboration training.
Meanwhile, other members of the group worked on the promotion of the filmcsreening. It was so good to draw again by hand while – like in a normal spinnery – singing and sharing different stories. The hand-drawn posters and flyers were completed, as well as the online promotions.
In the evening music, dance and the cognition of each other’s culture were in focus again, this time a bit alternatively due to a sudden power outage. Under the starlit sky the group of Sacueni cuittled to the others with melon and other national titbits.

The Hungarian Team