Monday was a great day! The participants woke up at 7 o’clock as usual, with smiles on their faces. The day started with delicious breakfast and with games which were really funny.

During the workshops the girls and boys learnt how to use a camcorder, starting from how to turn it on, through how to focus, till how to make footages. The afternoon was spent walking in the city of Sacueni and making interviews with local people about the social situation of the city and the people. One of the groups visited even the children’s home that was a really touching experience.
Then the rain surprised those who were on the street but it did not ruin their day at all. After the rain, the return to the accommodation and the typing of the interviews the participants had a great night, the Hungarian night. Everybody had the chance to taste national drink and food, then a short song and the inherent choreography. The dance was very funny, and then the folkdance also exhausting.
The mare conclusion is that each person learned something new and had lot of fun. That’s why Monday was perfect just as the previous day, and let’s hope the following days will be just better.

Michaela Ďuračková