The first day ended with a frenetic intercultural night. We had the occasion not only to taste new foods and drinks, but also to discover that we have similar religious songs indifferent of language or confession. It waselevatingto see and to hear that we understand each other also without words, and the music and the faith binds us together.

The second morning began with a bit of attunement. On the lawn next to the youth centre and the church we helped each other to be charged with energy by different games. After lots of laughter and joy we prepared for the work. The groups of the three nations presented how is the situation of the unemployed and the youth people in Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. We discovered many similarities that is not a miracle since we are all living in East-Central Europe. We meet alike challenges and we see the problems similarly.

After the deep discussions and touching moments the group defined those four problem that they meet in the every day life. In small groups we elaborated the topics of discrimination, emigration, corruption and the lack of infrastructure by roleplay. Beyond the presentation we also began to look for solutions.

Since our accomodation and the place where we do the program is next to a church, the participants decided to go to the reformed worship, which was uplifting. Then everyone got to know the basics of journalism. What do we need for anarticle? What to keep in mind when makingan interview? What is the difference between a report and an interview? How to prepare ourselves for a discussion? Following the preparation and the definition ofthe subjects we went out to the street of Sacueni in small groups, and despite the fact that it was a Sunday afternoon we met lots of peoplewhom we could ask about the social problems in which the group was interested. The topic of unemployment, roma question and the minority questions were all addressed. It was a whole round day and we wish many similar ones for ourselves!
The Hungarian team