The town twinning event will be held in Săcueni, Romania, between 14-16 June 2019. It aims to bring together communities from Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia in order to get familiarized with the history of the European Union, its operation and other aspects. The participants will debate during the program the actual issues which affect the EU, like refugee crisis, Brexit, Euroskepticism and Europhobia, they will commonly try to find solutions for these.

With the help of Béres Csaba, the mayor of Săcueni and sociologist, the delegations will seek for opportunities regarding how they can get involved as active citizens in the lives of their communities and of the European community: volunteering, donating, voting, realizing petitions, etc. During these programs we will foster the sense of empathy and solidarity of the participants.During the event, the kids will get acquainted in a playful way with the fundamental informations of the European Union.

The youths will be introduced in the world of non-formal educational programs of the EU,  including European Voluntary Service and will be motivated to get involved in these.In the program will take part a delegation from Serbia, therefore the thematic will be tackled also from a point of view of a community which is not EU member. 

The meeting will also focus on the preservation of the European cultural heritage by letting the participants to share their multitude of values in the following way: they will present their local products during an exposition, they will present their folk dances and will sing their folk songs, they will show their monuments with the help of some photos and will cook their traditional food during a contest. With the help of these activities they will get aware of the necessity of maintaining their cultural identity and the multiculturalism of Europe, but also of the importance of accepting cultural diversity.The project is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.