Twinning meeting in Săcueni – Héhalom

The four-day twinning meeting in Săcueni was attended by the mayor of Héhalom, József Bakos, who is proud that the population of the village is growing and young people are eager to return home after their studies.

Twinning meeting in Săcueni – Edelény

Listening to the deputy mayor of Edelény, Péter Malinkó, you would pack your bags and head out to see the city and i

Twinning meeting in Săcueni – Múcsony

The mayor of Múcsony, Viktor Viszlai, was the guest of our studio, who came to Săcueni on the occasion of the meeting of the twin settlement organized by Ér Hangja Association. We can hear about the past and future of the municipality he manages and the importance of volunteering.

Twinning meeting in Săcueni – Kürt

János Téglás, the mayor of Kürt, a village in the Érsekújvár district of Slovakia, proudly talks about the reviving wine industry and how we can and should preserve our Hungarian identity.

Twinning meeting in Săcueni – Kamocsa

Kamocsa, a village of 900 people in Slovakia, is also a village where Imre Lukács, the mayor, is very keen to celebrate Hungarian heritage. Although there is no school in the village, the ceremony for the kindergarten children commemorates Pál Lukács, a writer, actor and educator born in Kamocsa in 1801.