Bridge to Europe was founded with the aims of contributing to the growth and socio-economic development of the Euro-region where its headquarter is, in Croatia. The general objective of the association is to promote inter-territorial cooperation for consolidating cultural, economic and social cohesion. Specific objectives of Bridge to Europe are to sustain project development in the fields of cross-border cooperation, cultural heritage, and conservation of traditions, volunteering, tourism, youth, sport and employment. The management of human resources from the public, private and civil sectors directed towards the socio-educational development of professionals, the organization of training, conferences, courses and exchange of experiences and good practices are among the main lines of work.
EGTC Gate to Europe is a partnership between 35 local public authorities from Hungary and Romania that was established in May 2012. The aim of the organization is to sustain the cross border territorial development in the fields of infrastructure, economy, youth, social, sport, and culture. The main office of the EGTC is located in Nyíradony, Hungary. Currently, the organization has 3 full time based project managers.
Organization is focus on recovery of society through charity and learning – education activity by introducing christian and moral values. Aim of organization is support and development of activities on the local, national and international level in area of non-formal education, using free time, cultural-social and volunteering practice for community of youth people. Target group are teenagers and youth people from 13 – 30 years old.
Association “European projects in Bulgaria” implements European projects cooperating with institutes, schools and other entities or individuals for democratic reforms in education, new mechanisms and compilation of proposals. The organization has a team of specialists in the field of social work, psychology, computer science, health, law, art and volunteering. For the period from inception to the present Association realizes activities associated with leisure time of students and healthy lifestyle topics. The organization works with young leaders giving them support and guidance for their future growth.