The project entitled Common European Culinary Picture for Preserving Our Cultures! will take place between 22-28 of August, in Săcueni, Bihor county, Romania.
The project goal is twofolded. One one hand the organizers want to help facilitating intercultural knowledge of the participating countries through gastronomy and raising awareness of the importance of maintaining their own cultural values in order to preserve European Multiculturalism for the future generations. Ont he other hand the projects aims helping NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) participants to develop entrepreneurship and competences which could be advantageous for their employment.
The main activity of the youth exchange is the creation of 5 films that will present the cooking procedure of national dishes of the 5 participant countries and the cultures and countries beyond the presented dishes. The videos will be presented to the public at an event conducted on the last day of the youth exchange, and shared of various mass media and online channels. Before making these films the participants will know how to prepare these dishes, but will also learn the basics of photoshooting, videoshooting, editing footage and blogging. The digital skills which will be developed are very useful nowadays, since employers require them for many jobs.
Through this youth exchange participants will know initiatives that do not require large investments (production of home made products, food blogging), but they can provide a source of income if practiced diligently and industriously.
The mobility consists of presentations and conversations related to the gastronomy of the countries, the role of food (just basic necessity or more, can it be an income provider), national cuisine cooking workshops and workshops to create videos about them, an event designed to the presentation of the videos, and other intercultural programs. These gained skills will be proved by Youth-passes of course.